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Affordable Modern Furniture for All of the Room Style

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After I help my sister find the sofa, in the next day I accompanied her to search for the affordable modern furniture for the whole furniture in her apartment will be. To take a walk and share the opinion about the furniture is such a lovely sisterhood quality time with her. Even though our taste is really different but that what makes me really love my sister, and vice versa. She tries to make her apartment in modern design dwelling, but she just wants one that comes in an affordable price.

Brown Chair Black Chair Frame Minimalist Look Modern Design

Then that furniture hunting day comes really hectic for me and my sister. Sometimes we find the one that really modern and really click to me and my sister but the price is not really okay for her. Then sometimes we find the really cheap one but the look of the sofa neither from me nor my sister like, but finally we find it, the black hanging chair that com really idly and modern for an apartment like hers. Then the white dining set that really nice to be put in the white sense dining room.

The Black Hanging Chair

Actually this chair is really reminds me to my granny. This chair actually really classic, but it just design modernly then the classic look of the chair is faded out. The chair is come in black with the bonus of the white fur cushions that make the sense of the chair become so modern, idly and minimalist. She plans to put the chair in the reading room of her apartment and face the wide windows. I know, that will be really great reading room I ever know.

White Dining Set

Then the second stuffs that my sister bought there is the white dining set that come really modern and minimalist. The sense of the dining set is really elegant. More over if it is placed in a room that has a white shade of room. I mean, if it is set in a room that has a white wall, black floor that covered by the white beautiful rug and together with the minimalist stuffs there, it will really adorable for a dining set.

11 Photos of the Affordable Modern Furniture for All of the Room Style