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All About French Provincial Furniture

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The Basics of French Décor

 Throughout the ages, the French have been well known for their fashionable style and classic good taste. Consequentially, both French clothing and furniture have been long sought after. Yet the styles in Province have traditionally differed from those that were commonly in vogue in Paris during any given time period. The French décor  preferred by court society and the royal family did not always catch on quickly in the outlying areas of the country. Due to the great distance between Paris and Marseilles, court styles would take copious amounts of time migrating to the region of Province. This lead to formerly popular Parisian trends making their appearance near Marseilles decades after they were first introduced at court. So, while influenced by the royal décor, the French county furniture that developed in Provence has a unique style of its own. 

More About French Provincial Furniture

Cabriole legs are an important feature of many different forms of French Provincial furniture. Furniture legs in the cabriole style curve inward in a convex fashion at the top and then curve outward in a convex fashion at the base. Ancient Greeks and the Chinese also used cabriole style legs on their furniture. However, French Provincial furniture  greatly focuses on carvings and scalloped shapes are very popular. Emblems of wheat sheaves are another common carving motif. Traditionally, Provincial chairs would have ladder backs and seats constructed from woven rush. There is typically a patina on French Provincial furniture, which gives it the appearance of age, even if the piece in question is not genuinely antique. 

French décor

Uses for French Provincial Furniture

French country furniture makes a beautiful and stylish addition to any homes. It is especially ideal for use in living rooms, sitting rooms, and bedrooms, but the possibilities are endless. Therefore, why not add some of these lovely furniture pieces to your own home in order to give it the classic French style that is so universally adored?

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