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Amazing Perfect Getaway in Beautiful Island Resort

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Imagine living in a perfect getaway; a place where you can live like how you just imagine: covered in white sand, laying on a beach, enjoying the sun shines right through your window blinds, perfect scenery just outside your room. This kind of destination is perfect too for newlyweds, or anyone who asks for seclusion and private getaway. Not so many people know this kind of resort, though, that is why if you plan to go for this place, you need to get a research to know where you can find this type of place.

Ideal Perfect Getaway for Newlyweds

Living in nature-like habitat with your partner in such private island will be an interesting experience. Most facilities are built in the woods, where you can also interact directly with nature. There are tent-like rooms for guests there and you will like it because it has unique style and look. You will feel like camping out there. This is why I say that this place can be a perfect getaway in beautiful private resort for you. It gives you some benefits at once: you can escape from your busy life, accompanied by the person you love, and get to enjoy the nature.

Private island Stunning ocean view Classy resort Sailing ship

Here I have some pictures of a beautiful private resort where my friend spent his honeymoon with his wife. They spent some days there, almost a week, trying to get a secluded yet exciting honeymoon. They picked a small private resort in Maldives, because the wife thinks the place is beautiful. There are many trees there. Green sights are everywhere. This is refreshing and becomes new experience because this private resort is quite extraordinary. Unlike modern private resorts, they do not own any tall expensive buildings. Resort management preserve the natural approach while giving relaxing view of the forest surround the resort.

Perfect Getaway in Private Resort

I was quite amazed when my friend’s wide handed me the picture of the room they stayed in. It looks like a tent, but not really a tent. It was a tent-shaped house, with white color dominating its decorations. It has white door and white bedroom set to match the surroundings’ decorations. There are some like porches where you can spend the entire afternoon drinking wine with your spouse, or just stargazing while having your dinner. Overall, this place is like a house built-in garden. Such kind of perfect getaway in beautiful private island resort you can enjoy with your partner.

16 Photos of the Amazing Perfect Getaway in Beautiful Island Resort

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