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Amazing Wardrobe Furniture Applied in Our House to Create Elegant View

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My classmate asks me to stay for a while in her luxurious house since I have no apartment where I can live during studying in this famous university. All of living spaces in her house are designed in luxurious style. Surely I am really impressed of beautiful and classy furniture applied there. But there is one thing that interests me to check out dealing with furniture decoration that she chooses to be applied here. It is wardrobe furniture whose size is very large and it is quite spacious. It is cool wardrobe that I have ever seen. It is supplied with black sliding door. This sliding door is crafted of dark glass so it seems shiny and elegant.

Dark Glass Wardrobe Furniture

In front of wardrobe, there is square woolsack in grey color that feels cushy. Grey carpet is applied to layer sleek white marble floor in this room. Shiny low coffee table is set on this carpet. This table containing several glossy tiny tables tops. Glass racks are set nearby glass window in this living space. I can see some books and other valuable adornment store in this glass shelf. Of course this glass rack is set in order to be suitable with elegant wardrobe furniture.

Lacquered Wooden Wardrobe Furniture

Another living space is supplied with wardrobe too. My classmate assumes that this wardrobe has multifunction. It can be utilized as a place to store luggage, clothes, and accessories neatly and it can also be used as partition. In work room, I see dark wardrobe in huge size. it looks elegant and tough. In addition sleek marble floor is polished in dark color so it matches with dark wardrobe. In front of wardrobe there is glass desk with computer setup which looks so classy. Modern barstools surround this glass desk. There are two pendant lamps in unusual design hanging on ceiling.

I sleep in a bedroom designed as open plan bedroom. Low profile bed with cushy mattress makes me sleep like a log. There is modern carpet applied in this bedroom. Besides, large wardrobe made of lacquered wood. This wardrobe is supplied with sliding door. There is glossy drum floor lamp on corner. Ball chair is applied here for relaxation. Elegant wardrobe furniture ideas that my classmate applies is derived from MisuraEmme.

12 Photos of the Amazing Wardrobe Furniture Applied in Our House to Create Elegant View