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Appealing White Bedroom of Oriental Atmosphere

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White is the most neutral color. It suits the combination with any other colors without exception, not even its most contrast color black. This is due to the nature of the white color itself. Many people mistakenly see white color as the blank color, a color whose state is empty and serves as the basic to be colored with other colors. This is not true in the laws of dispersion since white color is actually a blend of infinite amount of other colors. Apart from this interesting concept of white color, the easily blending nature of the color makes it a great option for creating a bedroom, a white bedroom.

Reference in Designing a White Bedroom

Even with definite and clear idea of color scheme, sometimes it is still difficult to conceptualize a design of a bedroom to be built. If this is the case, finding a good reference is the best solution. Freshome is a recommended site for the task of providing reference since this site is filled with a bunch of pictures of magnificent finished works of architecture that could spark inspirations to people. In fact, this site also features a wonderful reference of bedroom of white color that features clean bedroom look.

The bedroom is absolutely minimalist. The room features almost no other furnishing items apart from the bed. That is if the decorative items are to be counted as furniture. The room is of standard clean layout of completely white color. The ceiling, the wall, the floor are all painted white. The bed has a framework of dark brown. The sheet, however, is once again white in color.

Oriental Atmosphere of the White Bedroom

Since the minimalist bedroom of white color is completely white, there is not much way to make it accentuate oriental atmosphere. One of the few solutions is of course by implementing external element to accompany the interior design. In the case of the provided reference before, the room exerts an oriental atmosphere by having some bamboo trees planted outside the bedroom. The bamboo trees then can be observed through clean glass window installed in the bedroom.

9 Photos of the Appealing White Bedroom of Oriental Atmosphere