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Awesome Design of Apartment in Reykjavik

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Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor is the famous architect who starts to establish the idea of renovating Apartment in Reykjavik with the modern touch. This apartment is located in the part of Iceland area. The identity of this apartment rests on the idea of simplicity and also simple. Yet, it is also combined with the modern touch of the decoration so that people would get the great combination between the modern and also traditional touch of the apartment interior design.

Modern Design of Apartment in Reykjavik

It is also combined with the high quality furniture that fulfills the establishment of this apartment. This is the idea that would make the best distribution with the pleasing circumstance for those who are keen on creating the best moment all the way. The modern Apartment in Reykjavik is located in the center location which is surrounded by some famous places such as the fabulous church and also the Sculpture museum. These two parts are located in the first floor and the apartment is in the other floor of this building.

Cozy Moment on Apartment in Reykjavik

This apartment is quite tiny. Though it is tiny, yet it has the very cozy scene. We would be able to see the Blue Mountains from the top of the apartment. Many people decided to make their investing process in this area. It is because this area is the suitable area in having the best moment of investing. The creation of the balcony makes the apartment looks perfect even though it is located in the second floor. We can see the roof landscape scene from the balcony as well.

The backyard is also added in order to make the excellent combination of the apartment. Many people prefer to stay in this apartment because it has the great acrylic element as well that is made with the open plan design. We can actually make this apartment to look much more modern with creating the different wall coloring as well. The pure color which is used is brown. Yet, we can actually make the colorful combination of the color in order to create the best moment of modern Apartment in Reykjavik design all the way.

12 Photos of the Awesome Design of Apartment in Reykjavik