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Awesome Moment in Cal Kempton Park

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The key concept of Cal Kempton Park is the best design for having such an outstanding park in our house. This is the designed who is firstly introduced by Nico van der Meulen who is willing to make the perfect combination in the park which is located in the house with the sense of stylish model and also the glossy surface appearance. The first design is designed in the area of South Africa. This is the idea of park establishment that is suitable to be implemented in the house that has the large space. It is because the establishment of the park needs the big area in creating such a fairly condition in its whole area. This is the perfect park idea for the family that has 3 kids in their house. It is also established with idea of the separate accommodation combination all the way.

Cal Kempton Park for Best Home Style

Some people make this design to be implemented in the private area of the house estate. Yet, nowadays there is the solution on how we can actually build it in the home that is located near to the street. It is made with the combination of the glass link connection that will across into the guest wing all the way. It will make the easy access to those who are staying within the house or the residence to go to the park easily as well. The design of elegant Cal Kempton Park is becoming the favorite choice for the high class people. It will make the home looks much more glamour and also elegant look.

Glass banister Futuristic stairs House Cal  Glossy white ceramic floor

Cal Kempton Park and Its Cozy Moment

The warm color is becoming the thing that creates the convenience condition within the residence. The basic design of the crescent profile makes the creative combination for the outstanding architect creation in this house right now. Thus, the design is being modified with the double windows combination that will make the easy access for the winter sun to get in the house easily soon.

The special feature that makes this design looks stunning is in the existence of the balcony in each part of the room. The balcony is being established in the two parts of the house which are located in the north side and also south side. It makes the wonderful sense because we can easily see the scene outside our room right now. Besides, the existence of the street fa├žade is made in avoiding the possibility of having monotone structure. Thus, it is now the best choice to implement elegant Cal Kempton Park design for the elegant circumstance in our home.

17 Photos of the Awesome Moment in Cal Kempton Park

House Cal Minialist garden Fascinating outdoor lights Paved groundHidden light Glass wall Shiny floor House CalHidden light Glass wall Black frame House CalGreen courtyard House Cal  Ornamental plants Stainless steel railingGlossy stairs Glass banister House Cal  Glass wallGlass door Fresh greenery Fascinating outdoor lights House CalGlass banister Modern stairs Sleek white floor House CalGlass banister Futuristic stairs House Cal  Glossy white ceramic floorFresh indoor plant House Cal  Long corridor Precious hidden lightCeiling lights Black fur rug Glass wall House CalBlack fur rug Ceiling lights House Cal  Ceramic wallWonderful swimming pool House Cal  Glass wall Ornamental plantWhite ceramic floor Hidden light Indoor plant House CalWhite ceramic floor Cream sofa House Cal  Black chaise lounge chairSmall white grovels Round bath tub House Cal Modern bathroom furnitureRed padded side chairs House Cal  Glass dining table Ceiling lightIndoor plant Modern fireplace House Cal Lounge chair

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