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Bedroom Ideas for Young Women in the New House

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My friend built her own house, so that she needed the bedroom ideas for young women. I personally asked the bedroom design for her. She needed the new ideas for her bedroom. She did not want the similar theme for her new bedroom. She wanted something different. Then, I tried to ask her in the furniture stores. So, she could see the designs. Moreover, I hoped that she could find the design. Yet, she did not find the design before I gave her an catalogue.

The Planning for the Design

After I gave my friend the catalogue, she seemed very interested. She read and saw the catalogue for many times. She then wrote some notes for the details. I asked her what to write there. She said that she categorized the furniture and the decorations. She listed the various beds. Then, she also listed the cabinets and the vanity table. Furthermore, she listed the table and the bed bench for her bedroom. Apart from those things, she listed the decorations like carpet, vase, lamps, paintings, and so on.

The Layout of the Bedroom

My friend then told me about her plan to the bedroom. She drew the layout of the room. In the layout, she showed me the bed, the cabinets, the table, the lamps, and the others. Then, I asked her what kinds of furniture and decorations that she wanted to place there. My friend told me while pointing to the pictures. She wanted to place the purple bed frame in the middle of the bedroom. She then placed the white television cabinet aside the bed, There, she would place the television. Moreover, she also placed the three-mirror-door wooden cupboard in the room.

Furthermore, my friend planned to place the pink floral poufs around the bed. She wanted to create the cozy place anyway. She thought to have the lighting system for the bedroom. She asked me if she placed the hidden lamps for the corners in the ceiling. I thought that the idea is not bad. On the other hands, she wanted to hang the white cloth shade on the ceiling. However, I thought that my friend has got the great design she needed.

12 Photos of the Bedroom Ideas for Young Women in the New House