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Best living room colors for your house

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In a survey carried out recently, it was seen that light shades such a white, beige, off-white, pale brown and light blue were among the best living room colors and also the most popular ones. While white and shades of white won hands down, the other light colors also found a considerable fan following. Apart from these light shades, we also found a small, but growing number of people opting for darker shades such as red, green and dark brown for their living rooms. Another pattern that was found was mixing two or more colors in the same room. So we had either one or two walls painted in a dark shade and the remaining in a light shade. If you are planning to color your living room, keep the following tips in mind.

Choosing the best living room colors

  1. White – White is, and has always been, one of the most favored colors for a living room around the world. This is because a white living room looks classy, elegant and beautiful. Apart from this, the white background makes it possible for you to place furniture items, wall hangings, accessories, etc in various colors. So white is definitely one of the colors you can consider.
  2. Shades of white – If you do not like the color white or think it is too bright, you can go for a shade of white. Choose from among the many kinds of off-white, pinkinsh-white, grayish-white, brownish-white and other such shades. These colors are easy to find and while supplying all the elegance of white, they also add a little diversity to the shade.
  3. Beige – Beige, commonly called biscuit color, is the next favorite option. Beige looks very good on the living room walls and so you can safely go for beige. And since most furniture sets are either black or brown, they get complemented well with beige walls.
  4. Various – This is a newer style pattern and if you want to break away from the ordinary and get something special for your house, you can check out the multi-colored options. Have the majority of the room painted in a traditional color and then have one or two walls painted in a bright shade like red or mango. This will add a lot of character to your living room and you will end up with a truly unique and contemporary living room.

While coloring your living room, always keep in mind that apart from the walls, the colors of the furniture, accessories and upholstery will also play a part in the color scheme. So match these items with the color of the wall and to each other as well. If there is an odd-colored item, it will stand out and the entire look of your living room may get damaged. So be careful when finalizing the complete color scheme of the living room. Choose from among the best living room colors and give your living room a fresh lease of life.

Best living room colors

3 Photos of the Best living room colors for your house

Best living room colorsBest living room colorsBest living room colors