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Best Sofas for the Sofa Collector

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For the sofa collector, to get the best sofas is a must. Then the best itself is really relative each person. Me, my mother and my aunt is a sofa collector and we have a different taste of sofa to collect. I do really love the sofa that come uniquely in a minimalist style and really adorable motive like the England flag sofa, or with the unusual style of it. Different from me, my mother prefer to the sofa that come in a sweet sense and classic look like a flowery vintage sofa, then my aunt prefer to collect the one that come in a modern style.

England Flag Sofa Vintage Motive Sofa CLassic Sofa Black Sofa

For me, the sofa that has to be collected is the one that come unusually. The usual sofa will really too much in our house. Then the unusual one will make the sense become so adorable. My favorite sofa in my collection is the one that come in an England flag motives. The sense is really minimalist and modern thus the flag makes me really want to go there someday together with my mom and my aunt.

Classic Vintage Sofa

The classic vintage sofa taste is my mother’s collection. She really love the classic look that come in a golden hue or in a brown color with the motive that come really adorably that makes the sofa become so classic and sweet that way. The curve arm and the wooden legs will really make my mother love the sofa. The color is not really important for her, the classic look of the motive and the style that will really make her attracted to the sofa as well.

Modern Minimalist Sofa

Then the last is my aunt’s favorite sofa. The sofa is come in a modern and minimalist look usually. Her house also comes in a modern dwelling. Then the furniture comes in minimalist look and the color usually in a natural and neutral color as well. My aunt really loves the minimalist style because the sense of the room will become more spacious she said. For sure, her house is really spacious for her self actually.

10 Photos of the Best Sofas for the Sofa Collector