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Bike Storage Ideas in Various Styles

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My little brother likes riding bicycle a lot, and then he wanted to find one of the bike storage ideas. He also collects various bicycle types. Hence, I can see many bicycles in his house. He starts his hobby since he was in elementary school. He even still kept his first bicycle from our father. More than that, he wants to be one of the bicycle collectors. Thus, he maintains his bikes very carefully. He has ever said to me that the bikes can be the good investment for his future.

Bike Storage Ideas Black Bike Hanger White Wall White Bookshelves

The Options for Best Idea

My little brother showed me the pictures for the ideas. He wanted to know my opinions about the storages. He wanted to get the hanging type and the box. He preferred to make the small exhibition in his garage. He also placed the bikes in the back of the house, so that he built the special space. Still, he places his daily ride in the green box. The box is placed in the backyard. Hence, he could reach and get the bikes easily.

The Hanging Storages

My little brother installed the hanging storages in various styles as well. He placed the bikes vertically. Hence, it shows the in line bikes. It gives the accent to the room as well. Moreover, my little brother installed the bikes horizontally. He wanted to create the contrasted line for the wall. He said that the different lines will avoid the bored feeling. In addition, my little brother installed steel stake for hanging two bikes. Moreover, the stake makes the room efficiently anyway. He would install the other stakes for his bike collections. In addition, he added wooden wall shelves for placing his riding helmets.

Furthermore, my brother wanted to maintain and arrange the bicycles for his assets. Hence, he considered the bikes as one of his future investment. He applied the various storages in his house. He said that it would avoid the boredom of the interior design. On the other hands, he really takes after his bicycles for keeping their qualities. However, I do not doubt for his bike’s quality surely.

12 Photos of the Bike Storage Ideas in Various Styles