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Book Storage Space Built in Family Member’s Favorite Spot

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My brother’s family wanted to store their book in every corner of the house by providing book storage space. His family likes reading very much. Hence, my brother thought to build some spaces that could be divided for the number of family members. My brother said the plan to me that time. He said to me that he wants to build the space in every favorite spot for each person. Then, he looked for what the great bookshelves for the designated places. Of course, it was the family project.

Involving the Family in Planning

My brother wanted all his family involved in the design and placing the book storage. The involvement can be done by asking where the space is and the choice of bookshelves. His wife agreed with the plan. Then, my brother asked his wife where she wants to put her reading space. My sister in law told him to build the space upper her kitchen. My brother had the plan with him. He would place the black wall bookshelves upper the kitchen by adding the small space above. This place would be connected by black steel stairs relatively with black window bench there.

More about the Planning

After asking his wife, he asked his daughter and his son. His daughter is a senior high school student, whereas his son is a junior high school student. His daughter said to him that she wants to place the reading corner in the ceiling bookshelves and the wooden stairs bookshelves. She likes to put and take her books while she goes upstairs to her room. Then, she wanted to sleep while staring at her books. It would be room efficient as well. Meanwhile, his son wanted to place the bookshelves under the stairs. Then, my brother thought to place white under stairs bookshelves there.

Moreover, my brother also planned to set his favorite place. He wanted to place the black wall bookshelves in the living room. There, he wanted to place black sofas as well. In addition, my brother wanted to realize his plan this week. He took a week off for his work. He wanted to renovate his house and then I could not wait to see the bookshelves.

12 Photos of the Book Storage Space Built in Family Member’s Favorite Spot