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Bookshelf Plans with Unique and Stylish Shape

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I love reading and the bookshelf plans in my house will help me to keep my books collections there. Then I just try to obtain the shape of the rack and the ambiance of the reading room that really matched to my taste. Last week I went to my some friends’ house to see their bookshelf arrangement and style. All of my friends are bookworms then they will have a magnificent reading room or even just a stylish or unique bookshelf for their books collections.

Friends of mine that I survey are John and Eleanor. John is a science-fiction lover and he is dwelled the house that really modern thus really unique like the person. He set the whole house in unusual look and in unusual shape of things that make his house come into a unique thus really modern. Then Eleanor is a sweet girl that loves to read touching books like Nicholas Sparks’ works. Then she dwelled a house that come in a vintage mood and sweet sense.

Modern Bookshelf

Last week I went to John’s house to take a look the kinds of bookshelves that used by my weird taste friend like John. He has unusual taste of things like his bookshelves that come in a tree shape and boat. The tree shape bookshelf is really chic to be placed in his reading room. The sense of the weirdo there is really felt by the shape that comes unusually with green color. Then the boat shape is made of woods that make the shelf really like the deck of the ship, really beautiful and unique.

Vintage Bookshelf

Then three days ago I went to Eleanor house to see her reading room. Actually the reading room comes really neat thus the vintage sense is sorely felt. The bookshelf is just like the usual bookshelf that shape in square and in white color like the others. The things that make the shelf is come vintage is from the typical details that attach to the shelf perfectly and beautifully. Moreover she set the rattan basket in the last row of the shelf that trimmed by the white satin ribbon that make the sense there really girly and stunning.


11 Photos of the Bookshelf Plans with Unique and Stylish Shape