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Canopy bedroom furniture for your home

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Canopy bedroom furniture gives your boudoir an opulent and sophisticated look, whilst at the same time, lending it an old world charm. Four wooden, burnished and glossy posts and ephemeral lace curtains floating around you, encasing you in their silken arms as you sleep – who would not want a night’s rest in such luxury? Small or big, your bedroom can surely accommodate canopy bedroom furniture.

Canopy bedroom furniture has a history, of course, there is a reason such canopies were required. Now they might be considered decorative and luxurious furniture, but actually, they were utilitarian in older days.  In medieval Europe, such canopied beds were a must for the nobility and royalty because their numerous attendants slept in the same room as them – should they require anything, the attendants needed to be ready to serve them. Since it would not do for the lower ranks to be privy to the sleeping habits of their masters, thick curtains were hung from the four posters of the bed and then securely drawn and fastened.  The beds themselves were plain and understated, now of course, they are a luxurious choice. However, both kinds are essential if you want to sleep encased in cosy luxury and enjoy your privacy at the same time. These beds are wonderful in winter as well, as they keep you warm.

Canopy bedroom furniture is now more extravagant than the 16th century nobles could ever imagine. Ornate canopy beds, with beautiful carved headboards, four posters raised high above the bed and a swath of cloth over the top, and curtains hanging around it form the canopy that one can sleep within. Canopy bedroom furniture in modern times can be divided broadly into the traditional and the contemporary category with the traditional ones having carved bed posts and intricately carved wooden frames – with  heavy, silken or lace fabric, while the contemporary beds are more sleek – with slim wooden posts and soft fabric floating down on all four sides. Traditional canopy beds might have ruffles strung along the four sides of the canopy, elaborate valences and other heavy, frilled material. Modern canopy beds have little or no design on the sides and posts, or on the headboard and the designs are geometric and sharp, and the posts can be either wooden or metal.

Depending on what kind of canopy bedroom furniture you opt for, do decorate the rest of the house or at least, the bedroom, along similar lines. A traditional canopy bed in the middle of the room, surrounded with contemporary decor otherwise or vice -versa would look extremely mismatched. Canopy bedroom furniture might come in sets – which include the bed, a bedside table and a bench at the end of the bed. Make sure to upholster the bed with rich fabric and the wood should be richly polished to give an effect of extreme luxury. These beds also usually come with storage space so storing the extensive linen, curtain material and valences would not be a problem.

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