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Classic La Finca by UXUS in Minimalist Style

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Last summer I went to the La Finca by UXUS. The beautiful scenery completely can trim the house that come in a rustic style as really much. This is belongs to my elder sister. She just really love the classic rustic style for a house then this house become like a heaven for her to dwell such house like her dream. She is really loved to trim her garden with the flowery plants like what she did in her garden’s house there. She plant the vine and the purple flower that growing vine.

Then the house is come in a stone house that really classic and really adorable as the dwelling. Moreover, there also provided a swimming pool that I could enjoy the mountain scenery from there while swimming. My sister is just really lucky to have such dwelling like beautiful la finca by UXUS. Not only the outdoor living that makes the house is really adorable, but also the interior design inside the house, the house that comes truly classic and really rustic.

The Classic Dining Room of La Finca by UXUS

The dining room is just come really simple like the other dining room like usual. The dining room is trimmed by the eight white dining chairs that come in a different shape and a white dining table that set large there perfectly. The white sense there is just really matched to the countertops that set in the kitchen there. Then the floor that set in a cream just really suitable to the wooden color of the counters there perfectly. Moreover, the chandelier that comes modernly is really makes the sense there more awesome.

The Bedroom of La Finca by UXUS

The bedroom that I dwelled at that time is the kind of small room. But the decorations are just really adorable. The small room just covered by the white wall that really matched to the white pillow and the white sheet that set there perfectly for me. Then there are also the white wardrobes that come trim the room perfectly and really matched to the living room and the outside look of the adorable la finca by UXUS precisely.

20 Photos of the Classic La Finca by UXUS in Minimalist Style