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Classy Stockholm Apartment in White Theme with Luxurious Furniture

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This is my first time visiting my nephew’s house located in Stockholm. I am glad to know that he endures to stay at this Stockholm Apartment. Design of this Stockholm Apartment is different from common apartment. This apartment is polished in bright white color. It looks so sparkling with ceiling lights fitted on ceiling. I am surprised to see an apartment whose interior architecture is full of geometric tone. Of course this geometric architecture is unique interior which makes me impressed.

Luxurious Furniture in Stockholm Apartment

Laminate flooring in dark color looks shiny because it reflects sparkling ceiling lights. This living room which is decorated with triangle architecture is furnished with contemporary white sofa. I like to seat this white sofa which is adorned with colorful sofa cushions. Some of this sofa cushions are designed in floral pattern. Drum floor lamps are set around this living room to illuminate this place. Behind this sofa, there is glass window. I see wreath in white pot set nearby this glass window. Stockholm Apartment interior is furnished with classy furniture.

To equip this white sofa, my nephew set low coffee table in glossy dark color. This coffee table is made of glass. There are fake flowers and table top on it. Arm chairs in classic style are set surrounding this coffee table. There is modern TV setup on left side of this sofa set. Next to TV setup, there is modern fireplace designed of white marble. In this luxurious apartment, I find white billiard table on center. I realize that my nephew love billiard very much so he applies this billiard table in this apartment.

Bright Interior of Stockholm Apartment

Bright white interior apartment is supplied with skylights. Moreover, this ceiling light enlightens this room. Kitchen in this apartment is furnished with glossy finish kitchen furniture. Kitchen island is layered with stainless steel. White kitchen cabinet is equipped with backsplash light. In bedroom, I see white wardrobe in large size. Modern bed is covered with cream quilt. Some tribal pattern pillows lay on this modern bed. Entire bedroom is polished in white color it proves that Stockholm Apartment interior design has inspiring decoration.

18 Photos of the Classy Stockholm Apartment in White Theme with Luxurious Furniture