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Comfortable Office Meeting Room; Furniture and Decoration

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I really love my new office where I work because there is a comfortable Office Meeting Room. In my new office, all of the rooms are designed very well and I can work well there. The atmosphere and the condition in my new office really support me to do my best about my job. In my new office, I have a new favorite room. That is the meeting room. Even though the meeting room is not located nearby my office room, I am really glad when my boss invites me to have a meeting. There are two meeting rooms in my office.

Office Meeting Room with Brown Color

They are in the same concept and design but they are different in color. I like them much. In the first meeting room, I really enjoy the atmosphere. It is caused by most of the decoration in that Office Meeting Room Designs is designed in light brown color. The light brown color in that comfortable meeting room proves it that it was made from the wooden material. There is a square table in my office. That table is also equipped with about eight chairs. Those chairs were made from the quality material so it makes me feel more comfortable of sitting there.

Besides the furnishing, I am also very interested to the lighting design in that meeting room. There are many small lamps which are installed on the ceiling of the meeting room. Those small lamps give enough light to the entire meeting room. Besides that, there are also several beautiful lamps on the wall. The usage of those beautiful lamps is to make the wall and decoration looks more interesting.

Red Color in Office Meeting Room

There is one more meeting room in my office. In the second meeting, there is a rounded table. That table was designed very simple. Even though it was designed in a simple design, that rounded table can give me a great comfort when I am in a meeting. Besides that, there are twelve chairs in the second meeting rooms. Those chairs are in red. The red color like in those Office Meeting Room Design Photos gives me a particular spirit because I like red color.

10 Photos of the Comfortable Office Meeting Room; Furniture and Decoration