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Contemporary East Meets West Interior Design for Modern House

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The idea to make East Meets West in a modern home living I think it is increasing. It is caused by the request of that interior design is increasing as well. I have had a great experience of enjoying the combination of east and west interior design. It began when I visited my best friend’s new house which is located in Leeds. When I arrived at the first time in her house, I thought there was nothing special from her house. However, I got something different when I entered her house. The first room that I entered for the first time is the living room.

New Decoration in East Meets West Interior Design

Like what you see in the pictures, her living rooms have some great furnishings and East Meets West Yoga decoration. Moreover, the floor in her living room was made from marble. I really love to be on the marble flooring. It is caused by the marble flooring gives me the best comfort of a floor design. Besides that, the usage of eastern furniture in that living room brings me to another atmosphere. That atmosphere looks very amazing and great. It really reflects the eastern culture.

However, when I looked at the ceiling, the decoration of the ceiling was very modern. It has a great decoration and there are also several lamps those make the living room becomes much more amazing. When I saw it, I remember that I have a friend who has such interior design as well. Therefore, at that time I decided to visit my other friend’s house which is located not too far from I was. When I enter his house, I was in a living room which is full of eastern decoration and it looks very amazing.

Wooden Table in East Meets West Living Room

However, the decoration in that house was full of black and white color. In the middle of the living room, I saw there was a wooden table. That wooden table was really amazing and I really enjoy the atmosphere of his living room. When I saw on the ceiling, there are great lamps. That living room is designed like an East Meets West Yoga Studio and I like that interior design.

77 Photos of the Contemporary East Meets West Interior Design for Modern House