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Cool Courtyards in House Providing Fresh Air and Relaxing Sensation

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My father takes me to visit his old friend who is a rich man. He has luxurious house with large Courtyards. Courtyard around his house provides fresh view that makes everyone relax. When my father gets in touch with him, I prefer enjoying fresh view of courtyard. His large house is decorated with fresh atmosphere. Fireplace which is full of wooden accent represents natural sense. Moreover small courtyard nearby open plan fireplace gives peaceful sensation. This courtyard is full of tiny grovels and it is planted with leafy trees. There are outdoor lights that create fascinating lighting effect. This fireplace is supplied with wood pergola. Wood floor and wood beadboard make this room look rustic and natural. Dark fireplace is equipped with spacious shelf to store timbers.

Courtyards inside of House

I look around main living spaces inside which are supplied with indoor garden. My father’s old friend says that most of living spaces in his house are equipped with minimalist Courtyards to give relaxing atmosphere. I arrive in a living space that looks bright in white decoration. White beadboard and white ceiling looks bright when sunlight enlightens this interior through glass skylight. Indoor garden as innovative courtyard in this living space that lets occupants feel relax and fresh. This L-shaped courtyard is facilitated with square paths among ground which is full of dark grovel. Ornamental plants inside of this garden provide fresh air over room. This indoor garden is equipped with glass wall.

Fresh View of Courtyards

I am going to reach upstairs through minimalist stairs in a living space but I am astonished of indoor garden nearby stairs. This stairs is crafted of lacquered wood and there is no railing on this stairs. Glass wall is utilized to border this indoor garden. This indoor garden is planted with leafy tree and colorful flowers. Green view of this plant mesmerizes anyone.

In living space, I also find courtyard in small size. I think it is smallest indoor garden in this house. This garden is planted with ornamental plants and tiny grovels are spread on ground to strengthen natural idea. Surely there is glass wall to border this indoor garden and living room. All modern minimalist Courtyards in this house give me inspiration to build house with green concept.

17 Photos of the Cool Courtyards in House Providing Fresh Air and Relaxing Sensation