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Cool Kitchen backsplash with Fascinating Decoration and Furniture

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My neighbor invites me to come into her house because we want to cook special cuisine together. Kitchen in her house is decorated in unusual design. At a glance I assume that this kitchen looks mess because there is a kind of writing on kitchen backsplash. In my view it makes kitchen mess. But when I observe it closer, my neighbor says that it is intentionally created to arouse unusual design of kitchen. It is really fantastic. This modern kitchen is supplied with vintage kitchen cabinet in white color. This kitchen cabinet arouses cool view over room. Kitchen island is designed in white color. Surely glossy white color of this kitchen is designed with vintage style combined with modern style. There is white kitchen porcelain with stainless steel faucet.

Kitchen Backsplash with Writing Decoration

Kitchen backsplash design which is full of writing backsplash belongs to unique decoration that I find. This kitchen island is adorned with yellow fake flowers. Stainless steel vase is set next to this white porcelain basin. On the other side of kitchen, there is dark kitchen island designed in glossy finish. Glossy wall bar above kitchen island is used to place to put pottery and glassware. It is elegant accent that applied in this kitchen. I think this kitchen is really large so my neighbor applies more than one kitchen furniture.

Impressive Kitchen Backsplash Lighting

One day I come into my friend’s house which has unique kitchen design. At night this kitchen looks so impressive. There is glass backsplash which represents cool view. It is supplied with LED lights in blue color. I think this blue color is really amazing. When this LED lights is turned on, I can see shiny blue color of lighting effect. Therefore, white kitchen furniture with glossy finish looks shiny because of blue LED lights reflected on this glossy white.

I also visit another neighbor which is located in front of my house. I have a large number of references to design my new house. In her house I see modern kitchen design with contemporary furniture. White cabinet is applied in this kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are applied here to ease owner to cook. Ceiling lights in soft color and ball pendant lamps give shiny lighting effect. Mosaic kitchen backsplash design makes this kitchen more fascinating.

24 Photos of the Cool Kitchen backsplash with Fascinating Decoration and Furniture