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Cool Rooms for Girls Making the Design Options

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My older sister wanted to build a bedroom for her daughter, so that she was busy for searching the cool rooms for girls. My older sister wanted to get the stunning design for the room. Hence, her daughter does not feel embarrassed for the room. Moreover, she also involved her daughter when she built the room. Her daughter now is in her seventh grade of junior high school. Then, she is in her transition age to be a teenager. Therefore, the room should be not too childish but it should not be too mature.

Cool Rooms for Girls Orange Carpet Floor Orange Wall White Fan White Door

The First Design for the Bedroom

My older sister offered her daughter two designs for her bedroom. Then, her daughter saw the designs and considered the right design for her bedroom. Then, she looked at the first design. My older sister showed me the design before. She placed the red plaid bed frame in single bed. Then, she placed the white side bed table and the white cabinets. Moreover, my sister placed the pink couch in front of the bed. She placed the pink and white shelves aside the bed as well.

The Second Design for the Bedroom

My older sister also showed me the second design before she showed it to her daughter. Of course, her daughter saw the design as well. In the second design, I saw the white bed frame with storages. She wanted to make the room more efficient for her daughter. Then, she placed the green window bench with green striped cushions. She knows that her daughter likes sitting near the windows to read and enjoy the sunlight. More than that, my sister added the red rug in front of the bed.

From those two designs, my sister applied the similar lighting. She chose the neutral lamps for the bedroom. She told her daughter, and then her daughter agreed with the idea. My sister chose the white ball lantern hanging lamp for the centre lamp. Then, she planned to add the arch sitting lamp near the bed. However, the decision is in my niece’s hand. My niece decided to choose the second design for her bedroom.

12 Photos of the Cool Rooms for Girls Making the Design Options