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Cottage Plans for Building the Family Cottage

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Cottage Plans for Building the Family Cottage My grandfather finished his cottage plans this year. He has been working in this cottage for about six months. It was because he needed the detail design for the cottage. He did not want to build the cottage carelessly. He wanted that the cottage could bring the warm atmosphere to his family later. He wanted to bring his family to have the holiday in his family cottage. Hence, my grandfather told us that we will have holiday in his new cottage. We were very excited to have holiday there.

Cottage Plans Brown Wooden Garage Stone Wall Small Garden

Where the Cottage is

After my grandfather said that we will go to his cottage that holiday. Still, he did not want to tell where the cottage is. He said that it is still a secret. My grandfather just gave my cousins and me the clues. He said that the cottage is located far away from the down town. It is rounded by many trees and a river. He also added that we would have fun there. My grandfather then explained more that the cottage has wooden wall and many windows. We thought that it was the general cottage look.

Arrive in the Cottage

My grandfather successfully gave his family a surprised. I saw the beautiful scenery around the cottage. Moreover, the cottage is also incredible. It has brown wooden wall covered the house. Then, it has white fence and white stairs. Moreover, I saw many windows featured the cottage. I also saw the light box view through the windows. It can allow the sun light coming to the house. Moreover, my grandfather also used the natural stone for the house. It can be seen from the house foundation construction.

Furthermore, my grandfather built the wooden deck in the side of the house. He also placed the black chairs there. The deck faces the river directly. Hence, we can utilize it to fishing activity. Moreover, my cousins and I could swim in the small river. More than that, my grandfather likes gardening. Hence, he added the small garden in front of the cottage. The garden is planted by various plants and flowers. However, our family had a great time together in the cottage.

12 Photos of the Cottage Plans for Building the Family Cottage