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Cozy Kids Room Designed in Colorful Furniture Represents Cheerfulness

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I am intended to see my nephew who lives in this capital city with his parents. To get his house, I spend two hours trip by train. Finally I arrive at house which is full of colorful furniture. It makes sense because my nephew is still in four years old so colorful things will stimulates his intelligent. Most colorful furniture can be found in kids room that is intended for my nephew. Minimalist wardrobe in green color is extended as bookcase. Light green color arouses fresh atmosphere in this room. Untreated wood bookrack is utilized to store his books, toys, ornaments, nightlight, etc. Certainly they are arranged neatly in order to look perfect.

Modern Kids Room in Green Theme

Bed frame applied in this minimalist kids room is made of metal. This bed frame is supplied with casters that enable you to move it easily. Since this bed frame is made of metal, it will be more durable than other materials used to make bed frame. Bed headboard is polished in green. Cushy mattress is covered by colorful bedsheet. Orange pillow lies on this bed. Bedside table with drawers is painted in white and green. Wall mounted desk in modern table is polished in light green. There is small computer set on this desk that helps my nephew studies well. Cream ant chair is placed in front of this desk.

Simple Kids Room for Two Children

I move to another bedroom that has been prepared for my nephew’s twin sisters who will be born next month. I find same design of floor likewise floor in my nephew’s room. In this bedroom, there are two beds in similar decoration. Both of them are made of untreated wood. These beds are equipped with wooden bed headboard and footboard. Even bedsheets are intentionally chosen in same pattern and colors.

There are two pendant lamps which are wrapped with cute lamp shades. Those lamp shades are colored in yellow and white. They are designed like flowers with white sheaths. I see round fur rug which is decorated like sunflower. Long desk in unusual shape is painted in red color. Two ant chairs are set in front of this desk. Red wardrobe can be utilized to store luggage, clothes, and accessories in large number. This minimalist kids room design is compatible for two children.

11 Photos of the Cozy Kids Room Designed in Colorful Furniture Represents Cheerfulness