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Curtain Designs for Windows in Changing the Atmosphere of the House

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My older brother planned to change the curtain designs for windows. Hence, he could create the fresh atmosphere in his house. He took several days off for renovating his house. When I visited his house last Sunday, he told me his plan for changing the curtains around the house. My brother wanted to apply the various pattern curtains to the windows. Of course, he adjusted the curtains to the furniture or the decorations in the room. Moreover, he had started to find the curtain long before I visited him last Sunday.

The New Curtains in the Rooms

My brother told me that the curtains have changed, but I did not notice to the changes before he told me. I could see the better room atmosphere anyway. That time, I sat on the living room. This living room is featured with wonderful curtains. The curtains have red flowers in the white curtains. The curtains look simple, but they are not. Then, I wanted to know more about the curtains. I walked to the television room. I saw the brown polka dot curtains aside the white sofa.

The Other Curtains in the House

My brother said that the curtains will be placed in the bedroom as well. Then, he allowed me to see the curtains in the bedroom. I entered the master bedroom first. I saw the purplish pink floral curtains there. By installing the curtains, he wanted to create feminine theme in his master bedroom. It makes the atmosphere calmer. Moreover, I walked to the children’s bedroom. I entered my first niece’s bedroom. I saw the red flower curtains in bow topped curtain design. It combines the white and red colors.

Furthermore, I entered to my second niece’s bedroom. She is still in toddler. Hence, I could see the kid theme there. Then, the curtain could catch my attention. My brother installed the brown curtain with brown bear curtain roles. It is very cute for toddler’s room. Then, my brother showed the blue striped vinyl bathroom curtains. They were installed beautifully in the bathroom. However, I could see the changes of the atmosphere for house.


12 Photos of the Curtain Designs for Windows in Changing the Atmosphere of the House