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Cute Girls’ Room with Unusual Furniture Sticking Out Girl Character

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My close friend holds party in her house to celebrate our graduation. She invites me and other girls to spend one night in her house because her parents are going to abroad. She has several girls’ bedrooms designed in cute themes. Girls’ room in her house brings out unique decoration which sticks out feminism and cheerfulness. First she takes us into a teen’s room decorated in pink. All of furniture applied here is polished in pink. As everybody knows that pink is associated with girl. But in my view this bedroom is combined with children room designs because some furniture looks like furniture applied in kids’ bedroom.

Cute Furniture Applied in Girls’ Room

Although design of this room tend to adopt children’s room design, it remains look ideal for tens. I see unusual bed which is similar to bed for children. Next to this bed, there is bedside table with several drawers which is designed with floral stickers. On bedside table there is table lamp with pink lamp shade, dolls and unique ornaments. Bed headboard is created in order to let owner to place some dolls and cute adornment on it. Curtain that conceals window has similar design with pattern on drawer and bed. Wooden floor is covered by square carpet where several toys lay on it. Wardrobe with three doors is embellished with flower stickers and pink accent. In my view this girls’ room design is really feminine.

Fairy Tales Girls’ Room

I never think that my close friend has a bedroom designed by adopting fairy tales. All people know that fairy tales is associated with horse carriage where princess stays inside. In this bedroom, I see a bed designed in unusual shape. Its shape is like horse carriage with pink and wrinkle adornment. This bed is equipped with a unicorn in pink color as if it pulls this carriage. As we all know that unicorn is often mentioned in fairy tales as wonderful creature.

On corner I find Barbie’s home polished in white and pink colors. This home figure looks like real palace and there are Barbie collections there. Beadboards in this room is adoirned with pink stripes wallpaper. Wooden floor applied here arouses warm sensation in this wonderful Girls’ Room design.

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