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Distinctive Modern Stockholm Apartment for Dividing the Spaces

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You may have ever thought to have modern apartment like modern Stockholm apartment. This kind of apartment usually uses the loft for the living space. You should get more information to the apartment if you are really interested in having the kind of apartment. You should know that the apartment will give you spacious space for the public space. You should maintain the room to get the great functions for the room space. Moreover, you should see the pictures to attract you more with the stunning apartment.

The Public Space of the Modern Stockholm Apartment

You might not be able to imagine how the room will look like. Related to the pictures, you may find spacious room as the main part of the apartment. Since the apartment is located in the loft, you will find some renders diagonally. You can emphasize the renders by installing the spotlight to create the lighting accent for the apartment room. Moreover, you should see for the living room space with white long sofa. Here, you can see the red color for the carpet, the cushions, and the standing lamp as the accent for the space.

More in Public Area of the Modern Stockholm Apartment

Moreover, you can see the white dining table and the white dining chairs aside the living room space. Still in the room, you can find the game space. Here, you can see the black billiard table to play the game with all of your friends. More than that, you will not feel cold if you light the white stone fireplace near the television. The room looks very spacious without any partition. Hence, it is recommended to not adding the partition there.

After seeing the public space, you might be curious to know the bedroom. This loft apartment will provide you with two bedrooms for master bedroom and the guest bedroom. For the master bedroom, you can see the white king size bed. Meanwhile, you can find the similar size with black floral bedcover in the guest room. However, you should see the unique Stockholm apartment as the great thing of the living space anyway.


17 Photos of the Distinctive Modern Stockholm Apartment for Dividing the Spaces