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Elegant La Coruna’s Apartment Design

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Whoever said that apartments are small and old-fashioned should look at the apartment located in La Coruna. Residing in one of the cities in Spain, the apartment has a beautiful design that will make lots of people go in awe. The design itself is something unique, as the house as the mixture of both minimalist theme and classical theme. The flexibility of the apartment’s theme makes it suitable for anybody of any gender and age.

Stylish Apartment in La Coruna

The mixture of two different elements in the La Coruna apartment can be seen as soon as one set his sight on it. The apartment has a living room decked with modern minimalist design, and that includes the simple soft gray couch and the slim white and brown chairs next to the couch. Across the chairs and the couch, a minimalist coffee table with sleek design is placed, above the creamy carpet below the coffee table and the chairs. Minimalist feeling can also be felt from the dining room that can be seen from the glass walls. The kitchen and dining room combo has simple white countertops completed with the aluminum kitchen utilities. The last but not the least is the lightning of the house. The lamp is hidden, as it is placed inside the kitchen wall, giving the impression as if the ceiling is shining. The minimalist design is simple, but it is also fashionable.

However, the classical ambiance still can be felt in the apartment. The floor of the living room is made of wood, and the wooden floor has unique zig-zag pattern that enhances the room. A solid table is placed across the living room’s couch, giving more of the classical feeling into the room. The wooden table is not only in the living room, as the table in the dining room is made of wood also. The wall that separates the dining room with the living room is also made of wood, completing the classical ambiance of the house. As it can be seen, the two contradicting styles are able to blend together in this apartment.

La Coruna’s Apartment with Its Unique Theme

Since the apartment is in two different styles, people do not have to fuss over the theme. It is simple because of the spacey rooms and the modern furniture, but it is also classy at the same time thanks to the wooden tables, walls, and floors. The mixture of the styles makes this house unique, making it an example for other apartments in the city. La Coruna apartment by Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos is truly a special apartment with special “single” theme.

10 Photos of the Elegant La Coruna’s Apartment Design