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Elegant Small Bathroom Ideas with Extensive Ceramic Items

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Bathroom design is very important in setting a tone and atmosphere inside the bathroom. People who have a wide space to work with their bathrooms find this not really difficult to concern. However, coming up with a suitable small bathroom ideas may indeed be difficult for people with limited space of bathrooms. Everything about the item, layout, even arrangement has to be taken into consideration so that there would still enough space to move around inside it. A friend of mine is one of few successful examples where the arrangement still results in a small bathroom with bright atmosphere and clean look.

The Arrangement of Furnishing Items for the Small Bathroom Ideas

The small bathroom owned by my friend has a very distinct characteristic. That is the heavy implementation of ceramic details to the tiles and to the surface of some furnishing items. The implementation of ceramic, coupled with good arrangement and color scheme, works wonder in making the appearance of the bathroom to be an elegant bathroom idea.

The bathroom is shaped like a small square room. To the furthest side of the wall, a bathtub of ceramic build is placed on the floor. Just one step from the bathtub is a water closet again featuring the same ceramic detail on the surface. The nearest to the entrance is a sink that is positioned to the right side along with the closet. The arrangement of both the toilet and sink to the right side makes a good space for a person to walk on the left side.

The Appearance Details of the Small Bathroom Ideas

The ceramic details occupy not only the surface of some furniture, both the wall near the bathtub and the bathroom floor are covered with ceramic tiles. As has been mentioned before, apart from the featuring of ceramic items for bathroom, the color scheme also contributes in making the bright tone of the bathroom apparent to the visitors. The color scheme also introduces another significant feature, lighting. The general cream color as the color scheme is complemented by the bright lighting that makes the atmosphere of the room also bright.

9 Photos of the Elegant Small Bathroom Ideas with Extensive Ceramic Items