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Elegant Small Space Decorated with Fascinating Furniture and Adornment

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I want to see my classmate to discuss our homework. I come into his house which is designed simply but it keeps look elegant and stylish. Although his house is not large enough, he can turn Small Space in his house into pleasant interior. He suggests me to sit on bed sofa in living room. This living space is furnished with black furniture. However I find some furniture polished in white. I sit on white bed sofa created in modern design. This bed sofa is embellished with white and dark sofa cushions.

Black Furniture in Small Space

Under this white bed sofa, there is white fur rug to arouse warm sensation. In addition, weather outside is rather cold, so I can feel warmth derived from this white fur rug. My classmate gives me white blanket. I see large bookcase placed in this living space. In my opinion Small Space design is very suitable with black furniture. Large bookcase made of wood is polished in glossy black. There are a thousand of books arranged neatly in this large bookcase. This large bookcase is supplied with black drawers to store accessories and other equipments.

Glass window in this living space is concealed by soft pink curtain. White bed sofa can be arranged in order to provide compatible place to take a rest. My classmate often sleeps on this white bed sofa because it feels comfort. Sectional floor lamp in glossy silver is set behind this sofa. On the other side of large bookcase there is black TV setup and black cabinet adhered on wall. Dark sideboard is embellished with fresh flower in glass vase.

Bright White Small Space

When I get inside bedroom in this house, I am surprise of amazing bedroom design in spite of limited space. White marble floor matches with white furniture existing here. Modern bed divan crafted of wood with cushy bed. White quilt, white and green pillows are set on this bed. Bedside tables on left and right side of bed are painted in white. These bedside tables can be used to store books. White wardrobe is set in this bedroom. I am impressed of floral wall paper adhered on white wall as lovely bed headboard that perfect bright Small Space design.

16 Photos of the Elegant Small Space Decorated with Fascinating Furniture and Adornment