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Elegant White Exterior of House in Hyogo

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Normally what is heavily discussed about a house is the interior part. Rare it is when the exterior part is the primary topic. This is due to most exterior part of a house bears little significance to the contribution of the value and appeal of the house design. This is what the architects from Tato Architects want to sort out. They want to build a house whose significant details revolve not only around the interior but also the exterior. The result of their creativity is a house with white exterior in Hyogo, Japan that features extensive metallic detail for the texture of the exterior layout.

The General Arrangement of the House with White Exterior

The house is not a solitary house. It is a house built alongside other houses. However, for implementing such unique design makes the house looks really outstanding and appeals out of the rest of the crowd of houses. As the pavilion of houses that resides along the foot of a mountain features rather gloomy and dark color, the house of white metallic exterior exerts something different by appearing really vibrant and bright under the reflection of the sunlight.

The Detail of the White Exterior of the House

There is but one way to understand what big implication the exterior detail of the house features. It is by examining it closer to see just how creative the architects of the house design it. The main color scheme of the exterior layout is white. To be more detailed, the whole outline of the outermost layer is covered with white paint. The purpose of such implementation of the color is the earlier mentioned effect of being able to flashily stand out.

As for the detail of the surface, the white exterior layout of the house features components of metals like steel, iron, concrete, and even zinc. The zinc material covers the top part of the house including the roof. Steel and iron frameworks are used in creating two mini houses on top of the main building of the house. The main house is actually located at ground level and features normal supplementation of concrete as composing material. The metallic look, combined with the white color makes the house even more appealing and obvious.

17 Photos of the Elegant White Exterior of House in Hyogo