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Excellent Longest House Surrounded By Greenery and Mountainous View

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I want to see my boss to give him some reports but instead he orders me to get straight through his house. I enjoy scenery around his house which is built around hill. Since it is built around hill, I can see wonderful panorama of mountains and greenery over this hillside house. However, there is one thing that makes me impressed staying at this place. It is Longest House where my boss lives. I assume it is most novel house in the world. My boss states that it is designed by Shinichi Ogawa and Associates. This house has length approximately 150 meter.

Open Plan Interior in Longest House

This contemporary house provides long swimming pool on upstairs. This swimming pool belongs to contemporary pool that enables occupant swim freely in this contemporary house. From here, I can see wonderful view of green forest surrounding this house. Interior design of this house also seems amazing because it is furnished with stylish furniture. Bedroom in this house is designed as open plan bedroom with glass wall surrounding. In my view, this house is perfectly dominated with glass wall in order to create open plan Longest House. Bedroom is furnished with white low profile bed and white pillows. Brown carpet under this bed feels so soft. There is white sofa with several sofa cushions on it.

Between bedroom and powder room, there is wall partition crafted of glass shelves. This glass shelves can be used to store books and another ornaments. Powder room is decorated in white and it looks sparkling with shiny white furniture and mirror illuminated by ceiling lights. Through glass wall I can enjoy view outside freely.

Longest House with Sparkling Lights

Living room in this house looks spacious and classy. Laminate flooring matches with dark fur rug under white box coffee tables. Elegant sectional sofa in soft color is equipped with several sofa cushions. There is also white husk armchair next to sofa. Floor lamp with white lamp shade stands on corner to enlighten this room. Modern fireplace installed well in this living room. I find amazing view of this house at night when outdoor lights are turned on. They perform colorful lighting effect that makes open plan Longest House design sparkling.

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