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Extraordinary Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 for a Great Vacation

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When one wants to spend his vacation skiing in the French Alps, staying Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 is a must for him. It is a famous resort standing in the French Alps, surrounded by the beautiful natural snowy surrounding of the Alps. The house has the appropriate warm and friendly ambiance of a resort, making it the perfect resort that should be visited by those who are planning to go to French Alps

Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 among French Alps’ Nature

Really, the design of Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 in French Alps is appropriate with the surrounding of the resort. The outside of the house is made of two materials, and they are stones, and woods. The stones are for its foundation, while the rest of the house is made out of wood. The house also has balconies both in the first and second floor, making it possible to enjoy the cold outside scenery without having to step outside. From the balconies, the beautiful surrounding of the French Alps can be admired, and the snow can be seen falling from the sky.

The inside is also beautiful as the outside view of the house. Just like the exterior design, the ceiling, wall, and the floor are made of wood. The fading color of the woods created a rusty elegant design that makes the whole thing look grand and luxurious. Do not worry about the furniture, because they totally match with the rusty ambiance of the resort. The living room’s chairs and tables are mostly in white, especially the unique fluffy cushions in the middle of the room. Most of the tables are in woods though, attached to the wall or not. A fireplace is sitting at the right corner across the soft leather couch, warming those who sit across it. The bedroom is practically the same, although it leans to white. Standing below a white, a carpet, a white bed is placed across the white checkered pattern chairs of the bedroom. Everything is in wood, except the bathroom of the place. The bathroom is made of concrete and tiles. However, the porcelain bathtub is not the only means of showering, as there is a mini pool inside the bathroom. Either way, the house is complete when it comes to the package.

Stress-Free Vacation in Chalet Les Gentianes 1850

Obviously, vacationing in this resort would create one of the best vacation memories ever. Everything about the house is beautiful and peaceful, easing one’s mind from the busy “life” he has been going through every day. The beauty of its natural surrounding would also make the vacation worth it, as the snowy stacking up is a view whose beauty can never disappear. Skiing in French Alps is a great vacation, but grand Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 in French Alps will make the vacation better.

10 Photos of the Extraordinary Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 for a Great Vacation