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Fascinating Villa Roxie with Glamour Designs

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Almost all people do agree that the Villa Roxie in Miami is such a luxurious and also fascinating villa. This is actually one of the former cribs which are owned by Lenny Kravitz. The design is actually not original. It has been renovated several times. The renovation makes this home to be an interesting home with an extraordinary design. The combination of the creative texture and also excellent color palette make this home look so glamour and also wonderful.

Feature Provided in Villa Roxie

Here I have some pictures that show the real beauty of the interior designs of the home. The fabulous design interior makes this villa to be the chosen destination from people all over the world. When I visited this place, this home is full of the diverse color combination such as white and also red. It makes such a perfect touch so that I am really interested to take a picture in every single part of Villa Roxie of Lenny Kravitz. I really want to take a picture of the whole parts of this home. The pendant light makes a classic style which is provided by this home looks more alive.

Glamour Moment in Villa Roxie

It has been agreed that all people who have visited this place would always be interested to go here again. It is because of the attractive touch that is located in the uncommon design interior of this home. The flashy chandelier also make the glamour moment in this villa looks much more wonderful. It creates a glamour situation to those who visit here. This home becomes one of the most wonderful villas that have a wonderful design in the world.

Then, the interesting architecture which is mostly dominated by the minimalist and classic design create elegant circumstances here. Pendant lamps also exist in this house as the basic source for lighting part. The bedroom is just wonderful. The bedroom is designed with a king sized model of the bedroom. Thus, there is no reason for not visiting this villa. The Villa Roxie of Lenny Kravitz design always hypnotizes us to feel glamour and enjoyable in being there.

14 Photos of the Fascinating Villa Roxie with Glamour Designs