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Fireplace Ideas to Match Your Style and Home Décor

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Modern fireplace ideas are very minimalist. Most designs are created to be more environment-friendly, meaning it usually doesn’t create smoke or fumes. These are electric fireplaces and it’s trending among modern homes because it’s efficient in providing heat without the smoke and the need to burn wood.

However, for traditionalists, there’s nothing like a family gathering in front of a traditional fireplace. On a chilly afternoon or evening, the scent of burning wood adds a very cozy and familiar ambiance to any home. Compared to electric fireplaces, it’s more heartwarming to gather around a fireplace with wood burning because it visually appealing to see the flames dance and hear the crackling sounds of dried wood. Most homes have their fireplace in the living room because it’s the common gathering place. However, modern home designs nowadays have fireplaces installed in the dining area, bedroom and even outdoors.

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Tips when looking at fireplace ideas for your home

Making the decision to install a fireplace should be based on the purpose. Are you installing one to provide heat or simply as a decorative feature of your home? Answering this question will help you decide on the type of fireplace you want. It’ll help determine whether an electric or gas fireplace is suitable for your needs. It will help determine if a wood burning fireplace is right for you.

You should also consider the maintenance and the ease of use. A wood-burning fireplace may require you to chop wood and manually light up the fireplace. It’s less convenient compared to an electric fireplace but it has its advantages as well. You’ll also have to think about the location. Remember that most wood-burning fireplace have chimneys that go all the way up until the roof. You’ll have to consider the architecture of your house. Is it feasible to put a chimney? The space of the room will also determine whether a fireplace is needed. If you have a small living room, adding a fireplace may cause the room to be very hot when you light up the fireplace.

See there are a lot of things you have to consider. Aside from deciding what type of fireplace you will install. There’s also the issue of style and design. When you’re going for a traditional living room interior, brick fireplace designs will go well. When looking at fireplace ideas you’ll find different materials like brick, stone, woodwork and so on.

3 Photos of the Fireplace Ideas to Match Your Style and Home Décor

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