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Futuristic Kitchen Shelves in Unusual Shapes to Store Glassware Neatly

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My cousin offers me to stay at her friend’s house during holiday to have fun. Her friend’s house belongs to modern house which is equipped with futuristic interior design. My cousin says that she always visits her friends’ houses door to door. I think it is good idea to find references of each house visited to decorate my house. First house that we visit is decorated with geometric accent. Fortunately, her friend is cooking for lunch and we have a chance to observe her cooking special menu. I prefer looking at kitchen design which makes me interested. This kitchen is furnished with Kitchen Shelves crafted of wood without any finishing.

Pentagon Kitchen Shelves

These open Kitchen Shelves are regarded as innovative shelves which are compatible to be applied in this modern kitchen. Lacquered wooden shelves are utilized to store a large number of bottles where dried spices are stored. These large shelves are combined with cabinets that give more spaces to store any kitchenware. There is stairs crafted of wood nearby these shelves to reach loft. I see extraordinary kitchen island polished in white. I think this unusual kitchen island is really unique because it is supplied with pentagon shelves. On those shelves there is glassware stored neatly.

Unusual Shaped Kitchen Shelves

When we move to another house of my cousin’s friend, we also see amazing kitchen design. This kitchen is supplied with white marble floor for sleek and shiny look. Lacquered wood kitchen cabinet, kitchen drawer, and kitchen shelve makes this futuristic kitchen more stylish. Hidden light in this kitchen enlighten room with its soft lighting effect.

High gloss finish kitchen island presents elegant view on this modern kitchen. I find lacquered wood kitchen drawer where a glass vase with artificial flower is put on it. But I am interested in L-shaped shelves in this kitchen. There is a lot of glassware arranged well inside of these shelves. These shelves are divided into some small books that enables the owner to place different kinds of spices. Modern ceiling lights and glass ball pendant fitted on ceiling to enlighten this kitchen. Futuristic open Kitchen Shelves applied in this kitchen offers great visualization.

11 Photos of the Futuristic Kitchen Shelves in Unusual Shapes to Store Glassware Neatly