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Futuristic Private Apartment for a Comfy Living

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The private apartment that belongs to Ksenia Nikitina is something that is worth it to be admired because of its unique design despite of its simplicity. It is not really simple, as the furniture used in the apartment is somehow complicated thanks to its style, but it has a bright and colorful ambiance that will definitely lit up the mood. Moreover, it has its strategic spot that will make the apartment worth it.

Looking over the City from One’s Private Apartment

The strategic spot the private apartment of Ksenia Nikitina is no other than the position of the living room’s couch. The soft blue couch is placed across the wall, where it is facing the wall. However, the wall of that side is actually a window, as it is fully made of glossy glass framed in white frame. Through the glass the view of Moscow can be seen. Each building, each skyscraper, each tree, all can be seen just by sitting on the blue couch. Now this is what makes the apartment stands out among its rival in apartment.

Of course, the design of the apartment is also a plus point for it. As I said before, it has a futuristic design, and I really mean it. Behind the blue couch is where the unique horse carvings with their various colors placed. The couch’s coffee table is made out of wood, matching it with the pale brown color of the marble floor. Some of the chairs, such as the chair next to the couch and the chair at the left corner, are designed in futuristic design, making the apartment more unique. As for the dining room, everything there is mostly made of wood. However, this does not stop the dining room from being modern thanks to the paintings on the wall and the unique chandelier. Except the bedroom that leans toward comfort, everything in the house is packed with modern furniture. Rest assured, because the high ceiling will always make the rooms breezy and not as full as it seems.

Living in Style in a Stylish Private Apartment

The design of the apartment is something that should be given a nod already. The apartment is futuristic, classical, and simple at the same time. It is simple because of the airy feeling that will never make the apartment loo crowded. The classical is there because of the wooden furniture along the with the comfortable bedroom. However, the dominating style is definitely the futuristic modern style, completing this stylish apartment. The refreshing apartment of Ksenia Nikitina is creative, stylish, and amazing – these factors alone make the apartment great already.

11 Photos of the Futuristic Private Apartment for a Comfy Living