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Gas Fireplaces Vented Designs

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The gas fireplaces vented designs are pretty easy to select. However, there are some basic points that you need to check before you decide to bring such an appliance home. If it seems like a good idea to have an old-fashioned, antique fireplace in your house, you can go for a vented fire place. If however you feel that you want a more contemporary, state-of-the art ventless fireplace, you can opt for that as well. Take a look at the features of the beautiful gas fireplaces vented designs and then decide whether you want one in your house or not.

The beautiful gas fireplaces vented designs

  • Kind of vent – When you are using a vented gas fireplace, you have to be sure about the kind of vent you want. If you already have a chimney in your house that you built for your old log fireplace, you can use that very chimney as a vent for your new gas fireplace. If however you do not have such a chimney or it is damaged, you will have to install a new vent. This can be done with fitting a pipe on the back of the appliance which will run out through a hole in the wall, behind the fireplace. This is a good kind of modern vent that reduces the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Kind of flame – If you like the old world charm of yellow flames that look like flames from a log fireplace burner, you can opt for a fireplace that has yellow flames, resembling wood fireplaces. If however you have a more modern taste, you can opt for flames that are blue in color. Keep in mind here though that the blue flames will always be hotter than the yellow flames and this would have an impact on the temperature of the room.
  • Vented vs unvented gas fireplaces – If you are wondering as to why you should choose a gas fireplaces vented design over an unvented one, you will be happy to know that are a number of differences between the two. So whether you like the hassle free nature of the unvented fireplaces or you like the old world charm of the vented fireplaces, you have to make a choice depending on what your preferences are.

Important things about gas fireplaces vented designs

  1. Proper cleaning – Unlike a ventless gas fireplace, the vented gas fireplace reviews will tell you that they have vents or chimneys and these require regular and proper cleaning. If you do not clean the vents properly, soot will accumulate and this can even lead to the fireplace getting damaged and unusable in a short span of time. So make sure you clean the vent of your gas fireplace every day and keep it dirt free.
  2. Carbon monoxide risks – When you use any kind of fireplace, you have a risk of letting the carbon monoxide inside the room. Make sure you prevent this at all times since carbon monoxide is a very harmful gas that can even prove to be fatal. So make sure your vent works perfectly at all times to help prevent the gas from leaving the fireplace and entering the room.

So now that you know more about the vented gas fireplace designs go right ahead and get one for your house as well. The beautiful fireplaces look absolutely elegant and very stylish. All you have to do is browse through the lovely gas fireplaces vented designs and decide which design you want to take home.

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8 Photos of the Gas Fireplaces Vented Designs

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