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Girls’ Room Designs Suits for the Daughters

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My brother built the new kid rooms for his daughters, and then he looked for the girls’ room designs. He wanted to get the suitable designs for the rooms. He even asked his daughters personally. Of course, his daughter mentioned the typical kid room looks like. He was little bit confused by the meanings of his daughters. He tried to realize the design for the thoughts. He then found the designs for the rooms. He started to build the rooms for at least four days.

The First Daughter’s Room

My brother then called me to see his work on the daughters’ rooms. I arrived in the house that afternoon with my son. I entered the house straightly. I met my sister in law because my brother is in the office. I walked to the first daughter’s room. The room will get the preteen room design. My first niece is in her preteen now. Hence, she needs bigger bed in the bedroom. My brother installed lacy pink wallpaper to a side of the walls. Then, the rest wall is painted in white. He added the white bed with storages and the white mosquito net. He placed the white bookshelves aside the white desk with white floral chair. My brother also added the grey rug in front of the purplish pink sofa.

The Second Daughter’s Room

I stepped to the second daughter’s room. My second niece is in the kindergarten school. Hence, my sister in law said that my brother applied the little girl design. He placed the green bed frame. He added the white ornamented shelves near the bed. He then added the black board to teach her with the reading and writing activities. He also added the green cupboard in the bedroom.

Moreover, my brother wanted to make the right rooms for his daughters. My sister in law said that my brother used all his effort to build the rooms. He even took three days off to build the rooms. However, my sister in law told me that my brother is very happy when the rooms has finished. More than that, the kids are also happy.


36 Photos of the Girls’ Room Designs Suits for the Daughters