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Google’s New Office in Dublin Giving the Excited and Wonderful Experience

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My friends and I visited the Google’s new office in Dublin. It was the amazing experience that I have ever had in my life. I know that the employees come from the various countries in the world. It means that over 40 languages are spoken within the office. I think that the architect wants to create the countries into one in the unity by designing the unique and stunning office. Many people say that the office is the Googlian culture in which the complex consists of Clown College, Bouncing Castle and Funland.

What to Offer in the Office

My friends and I entered the entrance door of the building. I saw the Google letters with typical Google’s colors in blue, red, and yellow. Since I entered the entrance door, I have already seen the workspace there. However, we asked to the receptionist to meet our friend who works there. He walked approaching us to give us mini office tour. He then led us to the cafeteria. There, I saw many people working on the round white tables with orange and white chairs.

More to Mini Tour

We passed green and yellow workspaces with white tables and white chairs. I saw many non-standard office layouts in the office. He added that the employees can choose their own working environment. Then, we passed the black wooden wall panel in the open plan meeting space. We walked through to see his working environment. While we were walking, I saw a man sitting down on the yellow beanbag in the yellow music space. The office is very fun as long as I saw it.

Then, we were still walking to pass the excited space in the office. Yet, he offered us the drink and the snacks by entering the self-served pantry area. He told us that everything there is free for the employees. He opened the red fridge while I was sitting down on the red sofa facing to the wide windows. Then, we continued walking while seeing the music studio and meeting space with natured-theme. Then, he showed us the long wooden desk with grey office chair. His workspace is near the employees’ lounge anyway.


52 Photos of the Google’s New Office in Dublin Giving the Excited and Wonderful Experience