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Homemade Bookshelves for the Minimalist Chic Room

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My book collection is overloaded, and then I try to obtain the homemade bookshelves that really suitable to my minimalist and chic room. I just try to make my own bookshelf to keep my books collection. Then I just try to obtain the easy way to make and really minimalist. I have search in the internet, but the steps to make the shelves are not really clear then I went to my friends’ house to see their homemade bookcase that come really beautifully and minimalist.

Friends of mine that become the participants of my survey are Carla and Jimmie. Why I choose theme? It is because both of them are really creative to décor their room beside they are my closed friends. Carla is a neat and tidy girl thus really loves a beautiful shape of things like her bookshelf that shaped in a labyrinth shape. Then Jimmie is an indifferent guy that really does what he wants even though all of the people avoid it. Like his shelf that come really unique by his absurd imagination.

Labyrinth Bookshelf

The bookshelf that Carla has is made of plywood and the shape is just like the labyrinth as well. The size of the bookshelf is really big, almost covers a side of the wall in her room. The plywood is not painted, she just left the shelf come in the natural color of the woods. The color is just like the other pale wooden color that not being lacquered. The shelf is really full and really beautiful trim by the colorful book covers that she collects. She told me how to make it, and actually it is quite hard to make that kind of shelf.

Minimalist Bookshelf

The bookshelf that belongs to Jimmie is come really mess in look but really useful and really simple and easy to make. The shelf is just made of the bars of the plywood and the box that made of plywood. Then the way to make the shelf is just place two boxes as the base then place a bar of the plywood in it then place two boxes again and place the bar again. Then your minimalist shelf is ready to use and it is really easy to make. No need the nails and the hammer, just place the stuffs and viola, you get your own shelf.


12 Photos of the Homemade Bookshelves for the Minimalist Chic Room