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Incredible Minimalist Design as Good Choice to Decorate Your House

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Grandfather takes me to see his old friend who is policeman former. He lives in suburb, so we need about two hours to reach his house. His house is built in Minimalist Design. First time, I come into his house I am impressed of minimalist house which provides elegant view. In living space, I see modern bed sofa with floral pattern sofa cushions on it. This bed sofa is accompanied with box coffee table in glossy dark color. This glossy dark box coffee table is adorned with indoor plant. The owner says that indoor plant in house provides fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. Under this dark box coffee table, there is brown fur rug that gives warmth. This fur rug prevents cold sensation aroused from dark floor tiles. To make perfect sofa set, the owner puts black lounge chair next to sofa.

Minimalist Design Interior with Modern Furniture

Glass bay window is concealed with white venetian blind. Grey wall in this living room matches with elegant style of furniture applied here. There are two dark footstools crafted of black leather with metallic frame. Modern TV setup is made of dark metal fits to Modern Minimalist Design in this house. It looks elegant. From here I can see stairs designed in dark metal that is regarded as durable material. Another living space can be seen from here because I do not find any wall partition. On corner there is indoor plant in dark pot to give fresh atmosphere,
Pillars and floor in other living space are made of white marble. But some beadboards in this house are crafted of wood. Ceiling lights spread shiny lights over this space. Almost all windows in this house are covered by white venetian blind in modern style.

Lovely Floral to Adorne Minimalist Design

Dining room in this house looks impressive with cool black furniture. Dining set is crafted of lacquered wood in dark color. Glossy dark dining table in rectangle shape is surrounded by black side chairs. Some table tops are placed on this dining table. Glass pendant lamps hanging on ceiling illuminate this dining room. On corner, I see indoor plant providing fresh air. On dark wall, there is floral print wallpaper that makes this Modern Minimalist Design of interior look pretty.

9 Photos of the Incredible Minimalist Design as Good Choice to Decorate Your House