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Incredible Modern Concrete House in Himalaya as the Top Hill House

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Using bricks and the wood for the house construction is ordinary, but if you use the concrete element will be extraordinary like modern concrete house in Himalaya. You might not be able to imagine how the house looks like. Moreover, it is located in Himalaya where the place of many hill locations is. Yet, you should be amazed to the house concept and design that can create the incredible house with concrete element. That is why you should see the house looks like and the things around the house.

The Outdoor Space of Modern Concrete House in Himalaya

Look at the pictures, I can show you the outdoor space of the concrete house. The house really looks tough in the top of the hill. Even though you should give your more effort to reach the house by stepping the cemented stairs there, you will not regret after you see the scenery around the house. For the better exterior, you can install the hidden deck lamps around the pathways. You can also add the roles or the wooden railway to the stairs. Then, you can see the beautiful look in the night as well.

The Indoor Space of Modern Concrete House in Himalaya

Moreover, you might be curious about the interior design. Related to the pictures, you can have the open living concept. The concept is suitable to be applied in the hill house because the concept will allow you to enjoy the scenery and connect you with the nature. Hence, you should install the glass element for the doors to get the best result of panoramic view in the house. In addition, you can also combine the wood element to the house like the floor to create the warm atmosphere.

Shortly, you should see the wonderful pictures of the house. Hence, you can see how beautiful the house with the concrete element in the top hill. In the pictures, you can see the outdoor space of the house and the indoor space of the house at the same time. You will be attracted to the house. Nevertheless, you can pick the inspiration of interior concrete house at once.

22 Photos of the Incredible Modern Concrete House in Himalaya as the Top Hill House