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Innovative Home Design with Wooden Accent Presents Warm Atmosphere

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I come into my niece’s house to know whether he stays at home or not since her mother calls me to make sure that my niece does not go anywhere. This house is designed by adopting modern style. Home design sticks out warm atmosphere shown by wooden accent in interior house. Living room is furnished with black sofa in modern style. This black sofa represents elegance of the owner. There is dark box coffee table put in front of sofa. I find rustic wooden round coffee table embellished with table top. Two arm chairs in modern style are set surrounding this coffee table. Grey fur rug lies under sofa set to give warmth. This grey fur rug is put to layer sleek marble floor.

Cool lights to Perfect Home Design

White ceiling with hidden light presents soft lighting effect that makes perfect contemporary Home Design. These hidden lights spread soft lighting effect over room. I see wall lights adhered on corridor that can be seen from this living room. This neon light illuminates rooms softly. I am impressed of wooden beadboard on left side of living room. This wood wall has unusual texture. A large number of floating shelves crafted of wood are fitted on wooden wall. Some books, precious ornaments, photograph, painting, and souvenirs are placed on these floating shelves.

To enlighten these wooden floating shelves, the owner fits bulb lights around these floating shelves. White square pots containing fresh indoor plants give peaceful atmosphere in this room. I see sophisticated floor lamp in white color. Its shape is really novel. White drapes conceals glass bay window. A tube floor lamp with its soft lights is set nearby black sofa.

Home Design with Minimalist Kitchen

Concept applied in this house tends to adopt minimalist design. From this living room, I see minimalist kitchen combined with dining set. Dining set consists of rustic wood table in rectangle shape which is surrounded by grey side chairs in unusual shapes. Glass table tops are placed on this wooden dining table. Bowl pendant lamps in white color hangs on ceiling to illuminate dining set. White themed kitchen is supplied with white kitchen island, white range hood, white kitchen cabinet, black barstools and white kitchen countertop. It is perfect contemporary Home Design for interior.

28 Photos of the Innovative Home Design with Wooden Accent Presents Warm Atmosphere