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Innovative Taiwanese Apartment Furnished with Multifunction Furniture

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My brother takes me into his girl friend’s apartment. This Taiwanese Apartment is designed in unique interior design. I think this place is really cozy that makes everyone endure to stay at this apartment. We sit on modern sofa in grey color. This sofa is really cushy. It is equipped with grey sofa cushions. Glass bay window is covered by white venetian blind. There is wall mounted desk adhered on this bookshelf. In front of this grey sofa, there is glass coffee table with dark frame. Wooden floor in this apartment arouses warm atmosphere. Pendant lamp with glossy lamp shade hangs on ceiling.

Multifunction Furniture Set in Taiwanese Apartment

White cabinet with wall mounted desk looks glossy in white color. It is supplied with white racks to place some cooks and ornament inside. In front of this white wall mounted desk, there is black stool in cube shape. Of course this stool is polished in glossy black. Ceiling is designed with grating wood roof ridge. Beadboard in this apartment is made of wood. There is wall TV setup in this room to save space. If venetian blind is opened I can enjoy town overlooking through glass bay window. White cabinet is supplied with hidden light that gives soft lighting effect. This Taiwanese Apartment interior is furnished with glossy furniture that represents elegant view.

I appreciate glossy white of this cabinet that is created as multifunction furniture. This cabinet can function as place to save glassware, books and other ornaments. This cabinet is equipped with white rack with high gloss finish. Above these glossy white racks I see hidden lights that spread cool lighting effect. Another thing that is added in this white cabinet is drawer. These drawers are set on bottom of this cabinet.

Comfortable Bed Sofa in Taiwanese Apartment

I can take a rest on this grey sofa, because this bed sofa can be utilized as bed too. I take a rest on this tufted sofa and I can feel coziness derived from this sofa. There are black and white pillows placed on this grey bed sofa. With multifunction furniture, this limited space is utilized maximally. On beadboard nearby glass bay window which is crafted with grey frame, I see artistic wall decoration. These artistic wall decorations are created in square and floral pattern on center. Over all Taiwanese Apartment interior design is perfect if it is furnished with multifunction furniture.

9 Photos of the Innovative Taiwanese Apartment Furnished with Multifunction Furniture