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Instant Bathroom Shelves Featured in the Old Bathrooms

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I visited my parents’ house last Sunday with my family, and then I knew that my father changed and added the fixture to the bathroom with instant bathroom shelves. When I asked my father, he wanted to add something different to the bathroom. Hence, he added the shelves for the bathroom. More than that, he needs more space to store the bathroom amenities and clean towels as well. Then, my mother added that my father did the renovation himself. He wanted to spend his leisure time for the house stuff.

Finding the Options

My mother told me that my father did the renovation seriously. He wanted to get the great shelves for the bathroom. Moreover, the bathroom in the public space is quite spacious. Then, if my father added several shelves there, the bathroom will not look narrow. Then, my mother said that my father did not only renovate that bathroom, but he also renovated the bathroom around the house. Our house has a master bathroom in our parents’ bedroom, and two bathrooms for my sister have and mine.

Looking around the Changes

I decided to walk around the house for seeing the changes in the bathroom. I entered the public bathroom first near the kitchen. There, I still saw the cream brown bathroom cabinets with L shaped mirror. Then, I saw the animal carpet in the middle of the bathroom. Then, I saw the additional steel shelves in the corner of the room. My father put the clean towels and several bathroom amenities there like hand soaps. On the other hands, I went to my room. I saw the sea green wall still there. I saw many wall hangers on the wall. Then, I saw the white cube shelves near the white bath tub.

Then, I went to my sister’s bathroom. I saw the white theme to the bathroom. Of course, I saw the additional shelves there. My father placed the bluish purple shelves with ornamented wallpaper in the bathroom. It gives more accents for the bathroom. Moreover, I entered my parents’ bathroom in the master bedroom. I saw the classic theme there. My parents added the wooden cabinet with frosted cabinet doors. However, I could see the changes very clearly in the bathroom.


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