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Italian Sofas for Color Block Theme Room

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My Uncle has a modern living room with Italian sofas in it. Yap, my uncle is Italian, and he has a luxurious house but he is not a mafia. His house comes really modern and trimmed by the glorious of the crystal chandeliers and the golden hue classic mirrors that come with the typical details. His living room is really adorable. More over the Italian couch that placed in the room perfectly. Actually I do not really know the different between the Italian couch to the others. I Think they just the same.

Cream Armchair White Sofa Cream Rug Minimalist Rack

Because the form of the sofa is really similar for me, then if you try to obtain these kinds of look for your living room you can try to obtain the usual modern look sofa that sold in the department store. The Italian couch usually comes in a color and usually in a bold color like red, black, white and ivory. Then this kind of color is really suitable to be combined to the color block theme room that will make you room have the modern look as well. Just smartly choose the color of the wall and floor to make it really blend to your room perfectly.

Black Italian Couch

The black Italian couch is really suitable to be combining in a white, black and grey modern room like my uncle do in his living room. The Floor of the room is white, and the wall is colored white and grey alternately in each side. Then the furniture is come in black and white, like he put the black Italian couch there, the white rug, black standing lamp, white crystal chandelier, and the other white and black stuffs there. The room becomes so beautiful as the color of the room just black, white and grey.

Red Italian Couch

Then in the other room, my uncle also set the red Italian couch there. The red couch is really sexy thus really attractive to the modern room. The room that becomes the place where the red Italian couch lay down is in the room that trims similarly to the living room. In the room just set the black, grey, and white color except the red couch that outstandingly trim the room perfectly.

12 Photos of the Italian Sofas for Color Block Theme Room