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Kitchen Cupboards Ideas in the New Kitchen

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My sister in law bought one of the kitchen cupboards ideas for her kitchen. She built a new house in the country side. Then, she wanted to have classic and elegance design for the kitchen. Her former kitchen was an ordinary kitchen for a household. Thus, she wanted to have different kitchen in her new house. She called me when she looked for the kitchen designs a month ago. She wanted me to accompany her in the furniture store. That time, she was busy to decorate her house.

Kitchen Cupboards Ideas Glass cabinet Doors Steel Chimney Yellow Chair

The Former Kitchen

I picked my sister in law up that afternoon. We went to the furniture stores in the shopping centre. We came to a furniture store there. She told me about her former kitchen. I also had ever seen her kitchen in her former house. She said that she only placed the ordinary wooden kitchen cabinets in the kitchen. They have smooth surface. She also installed the brown backsplash for the kitchen. Moreover, I saw the brown hanging lamp near the white dining table. She also placed the wooden kitchen counters with green stone surface. Yet, she wanted the design differently.

The New Kitchen

My sister in law still chose the wooden cabinets, but it has curved cabinet door. Moreover, the cabinets have brown varnishes for all the surfaces. She applied the brown plaid backsplash for the kitchen. Then, she featured the cabinets with the wooden kitchen counters with cream stone surface. She also installed the wooden brown kitchen island with grey stone surface in the middle of the kitchen. Moreover, my sister installed the different floor from the other parts of the house. She installed the brown wooden varnished floor.

Furthermore, my sister in law wanted to build a special corner for her. She added the wooden desk near the cabinets. She also installed the book cabinets above the desk. She wanted to keep her cooking books there. She then added the orange chair for the desk. More than that, my sister in law installed the four hanging lamps above the kitchen islands. Hence, the kitchen is more stunning. However, I have seen the differences between the new kitchen and the old kitchen.

12 Photos of the Kitchen Cupboards Ideas in the New Kitchen