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Kitchen Designs with Islands for Fresh and Modern Design

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My mother wanted to have kitchen designs with islands because her previous kitchen did not have any islands in it. My mother was busy that time for searching the kitchen design. She wanted to renovate all the parts of the kitchen. It means that she remodeled the kitchen. She had told the plan to my father. Moreover, my father helped her to find the right kitchen design. My father and my mother finally worked together to renovate and remodel the kitchen. They also involved my brother and me to do the renovation.

Kitchen Designs with Islands Brick Wall Plaid Wall Black Kitchen Cabinets White Island Grey Chairs

Choosing the Design for the Kitchen

My father and my mother agreed to have fresher and modern atmosphere for the kitchen. Since the kitchen part has wide windows, my father decided to remodel the place as well. He wanted to create new space in the kitchen. Then, my father painted the frame windows with white color. Then, he painted all the walls of kitchen in white as well. Then, my mother thought to add the white kitchen design there. She wanted to strengthen the color of the wall and windows.

The Renovation of the Kitchen

After painting the wall had done, my father added the white window bench under the windows. He put the grey seating pads there. On the other hands, my mother chose the black European cabinets to the white brick wall. She hung the black cabinets there. In addition, she added the white kitchen under cabinets for the kitchen. Then, she added the white ornamented chimney mantel above the stoves. She then put the crucial part of the kitchen as she said for this project. She put the big white kitchen island.

Furthermore, my mother added the dark grey chairs for the kitchen island. She wanted to have small breakfast there. Hence, she thought its practicality. My father then added the classic chandelier on the ceiling. He said that the chandelier can beautify the kitchen. Actually my brother and I just were observing them when our parents were busy with the workers and the kitchen furniture and appliances. However, I personally like the make over of our kitchen.

12 Photos of the Kitchen Designs with Islands for Fresh and Modern Design