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Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Kitchen New Look

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My sister in law wants to have new kitchen, so that she looks for the kitchen remodel ideas. Many of her friends have tried the ideas for renovating and remodeling their kitchen. My sister in law wants to follow their step to have new kitchen look. She actually has prepared the budget for remodeling the kitchen for a year. Hence, she would not worry to the financing problem. She then asked her friends to find the remodel ideas. Some of her friends gave her pictures for the inspirations.

Looking at the Pictures for the Inspirations

My sister in law then called me to accompany her looking at the pictures. I came to her house the next day. She wanted to show me some inspirational pictures for the kitchen. She showed me the pictures and then I felt amazed to the pictures. She showed me the amazing pictures. I saw the wooden upper cabinets and the wooden under cabinets. I also saw the wooden island with wooden chairs. Then, I looked at the other pictures for white cabinets and the white islands.

Sorting the Favorite Models

My sister in law and I sat in her old kitchen that afternoon. I sat on the black steel chairs with purple seating pads. I also saw the dark brown kitchen corner counter there with grey marble backsplash. I know why she wanted to create the new kitchen. Perhaps, she thinks the kitchen is too old for her. After looking for a while, she decided the list. She chose the white oven cabinets and white kitchen counters with black marble counter surface. She then chose the white brick backsplash for the new kitchen.

After deciding the cabinets, the counters, and the backsplash, she looked at the kitchen island and the chairs. She chose dark brown kitchen island with black marble island surface. She also chose the black wooden chairs for the island. Moreover, she planned the lighting system as well. She chose the white pendant lamps in which are placed above the kitchen island. However, the choice of my sister in law will show the new look for the kitchen anyway.


12 Photos of the Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Kitchen New Look