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Log cabin bathroom accessories sets

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Log cabin bathroom accessories sets have a rustic appeal that instantly converts your bathing and grooming space into a warm and inviting room. Of course, the decor needs to be extremely rustic – or made to look rustic  if your fittings and existing decor is new. And that can be done, these days new accessories can be treated and distressed to resemble old, vintage furniture etc.  Think about it – what would a rustic log cabin bathroom look like? Once you have a picture in your head – go online and search for ideas – you can go shopping. Local yard sales, auction houses, the internet and your newspaper are fantastic places to look for log cabin bathroom accessories, needless to say.

A cabin in the woods is all about blending in with the natural surroundings and you can bring the serenity of the outdoors into your home in the city with log cabin bathroom accessories sets. However, do ensure that the rest of the house also has similar rustic decor – log cabin bathroom accessories sets will look extremely out of place in a house that otherwise has modern furniture and minimalist decor.

Log cabin bathroom accessories sets can be an extremely interesting addition to your decor – for instance, your towel racks can be made of iron, with the ends fashioned to resemble antlers. Rustic towel bars can also be shaped like birds, branches with leaves or even logs, though the latter might be too thick to be a towel log. Bear claws and bear figurines are other cute motifs that feature in this style of decor.

Door knobs, bathroom cabinet knobs etc can be made of wood or distressed/painted to resemble wooden chunks. Stunning towel racks are also very rustic and easily a favoured item of log cabin bathroom accessories sets. They can be made of burnished metal and have thin rods which can hold a number of towels and are set on the floor – for your convenience. They are nothing like the towel racks or rods modern homes are used to!  However, if you do want rods on the wall, then wooden rods which look like they have been freshly cut off the tree are good choices.

Shower curtains with a rustic motif – perhaps that of the jungle or of a bear or any other animal are also a good addition to such rustic bathroom decor. Heavy towels in dark browns, embroidered with a pattern of deer or caribou – or even antelope and moose are popular choices. Bathroom vanities and cabinets can be all made of rustic finish wood, or painted to resemble it. Choose warm lights which are strategically places – perhaps behind the wooden frame of your bathroom mirror so that the room is bathed in a soft glow reminiscent of the setting sun when you are in the bathroom. Get your walls fitted with bare wooden logs and ensure that you use natural wood decor wherever possible.

Plumbing fixtures should also have a rustic charm and appeal – and the tubs should be old school metal and simple. Log cabin bathroom accessories sets can also be bought together – sets of tiles, racks, shower rods and soap dish/toothbrush holders – specifically designed to resemble a rustic bathroom are available in stores and online.  Research your options carefully before buying what appeals to you most.


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